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Change Is In the Air

June 9, 2015
Like most businesses, Bedazzled Ink has a mission statement and long term goals. One of these goals was to get a major national book distributor so we can reach as large a readership as possible for our books. The good news is, we succeeded in this goal and have signed with Independent Publishers Group (IPG).

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A Treasure Trove

April 20, 2015
I was trawling Google for a good explanation of a mundane editing issue and stumbled upon a treasure trove of wonders. The Paris Review has posted nearly all of their interviews of authors from the 1950s to the present for us to not only read but to absorb and to revel in.

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The Rest is Silence . . . Or Is It?

January 25, 2015
“The rest is silence” is perhaps the most famous of the famous last words uttered by a fictional character, but the rest wasn’t silent because Horatio and Prince Fortinbras kept talking after Hamlet died. I’ve always found that kind of amusing but it also made me think about the nature of silence.

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