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Bedazzled Ink needs your vote for the FedEx Small Business Contest. Anyone who has seen Shark Tank knows that small businesses need money as they get more successful.

Publishing companies only make money off of the sale of books after the printer, the bookseller, and the distributor, not to mention the author, takes their cut, the publisher is usually left with a small piece of the price of the book. We have to pay for covers, typesetting, editing, staff, equipment, web site, insurance, taxes, supplies, etc. out of that small piece. And sales ebb and flow, which means our cash reserves ebb and flow.

Fortunately, big companies recognize this problem in small businesses and offer grant contests. But they don’t make it easy. They put a business through several hoops on the way to being a finalist. We’ve been a finalist with Wells Fargo and the KCBS contest and we know we can do it again. We just need everyone to vote every day until April 5th to put us in the top 600 entries. You can even vote on your phone. Just go here to vote.

Thanks to everyone for your support!


Esfir Is Alive by Andrea Simon is a Finalist for the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award in Young Adult Fiction. The winners will be announced on June 24th at ALA in Chicago. Congratulations, Andrea!


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Bedazzled Ink had been selected as one of the 10 Finalists for the KCBS Small Business Contest open to San Francisco Bay Area businesses and we got to spend an interesting and entertaining evening at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco last night. Each finalist had to do a 90-second elevator pitch and then answer questions from the 3 judges for $10,000. Think a smaller kinder gentler Shark Tank–as someone from KCBS called it, a goldfish tank. Claudia got to go first, so she had the advantage of hearing all the pitches (the finalists were kept in a soundproof room until their turn).

No ten businesses could have been more different from each other and the judges had a difficult job deciding. In the end, another much deserving business won, but the whole experience was well worth it. We were reminded that we’re very much a part of the local community as a business and that getting chosen as a finalist in such a large and vibrant entrepreneurial area (Silicon Valley anyone?) was a big honor. We did not leave completely empty handed. All the finalists received a really nice all-in-one business quality Canon printer.

After a Time by Laurie Salzler is a Finalist for the GCLS Tee Corinne Outstanding Cover Design Award.
Sparrow in the Wind by S. Rose won the Silver Medal in General Fiction for the Florida Book Awards.