Our Mission

Bedazzled Ink is dedicated to literary fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books that celebrate the unique and under-represented voices of women and books about women that appeal to all readers.

Our History

In the beginning—in 2004—there was a horse named Infinitely Bedazzled, Dazz for short. Bedazzled was a good name for a publishing company, but something was missing. And then we thought, what does a bedazzled writing feather need? A magical genie lamp as an ink well. So riding on a horse and a dream, Bedazzled Ink Publishing was born.

We then found a different beastie—the Chimera—to lure authors our way. And because we hate to think inside boxes and tend to kick boxes and anything resembling boxes out of our way, we decided to use the Greek spelling for the beastie—Khimaira. With that, Khimairal Ink Magazine was born in 2005 and was guaranteed to be both memorable and completely unpronounceable. Khimairal Ink was a success and found us authors galore, and we published books and grew.

In 2014 things changed with both the company and with Infinitely Bedazzled. Dazz was expecting a foal (and gave birth to Gus-Gus in 2015) and we looked around to see where we were after ten years. We liked the direction we were going in and restructured the company to match our current publishing interests. We’re now focused on publishing general and literary fiction that features a female protagonist, nonfiction, and children’s literature. We’re not interested in what the industry calls women’s fiction–works that are written primarily for the female reader.

At the moment, we are actively seeking biographies about women scientists, artists, musicians, writers, athletes, politicians, inventors, activists . . . ordinary women whose lives and actions have been inspirational, and women who have lived extraordinary lives. We want to help tear down the gender bias of the historical record and pull these amazing women out of obscurity and into their rightful place in history. These biographies can be written for middle grade readers, young adults, or adults, but they all must be well researched without being scholarly, in-depth while still lively and entertaining.

Our books are distributed through IPG (Independent Publishers Group).


The most important guideline: our books have female protagonists.

We are currently not open to submissions. 

Our Staff

Claudia Wilde, owner and publisher, has over forty years’ experience as an educator. A lifelong bibliophile, she has a special interest in classic science fiction and fantasy, and children’s and young adult books. She idolizes Nancy Drew and enjoys sleuthing for earlier editions of the series to add to her collection.

C.A. Casey, senior editor, started life as a musician and then got her Masters of Library Science from Indiana University so she could make a living. She spent a quarter century working in academic libraries around the country, worked at Blackwell Book Services North America, and had a stint at a small publishing company before joining Bedazzled Ink in 2004. As a writer she has articles in library journals and in Strange Horizons, and stories in Aoife’s Kiss, The Lorelei Signal, Coyote Wild, Sorcerous Signal, The Fifth Di . . . and Beyond Centauri, plus two middle grade reader novels.

Lynn Starner, cover and graphic designer, is a longtime avid reader with over twenty years’ experience in newspaper design and illustration. She studied art and design at Illinois State University. She loves animals, particularly cats, and is a fan of mysteries, fairy tales and all types of fiction with strong characterizations. She still fondly remembers her weekly trips to the library as a child, where Thornton W. Burgess’s animal stories were among her early favorites.

Sui Conrad, typesetter, is a lifelong lover of books and studied traditional typesetting at Western Technical College in Wisconsin. Her instructors included a couple of old newspaper guys so she’s more comfortable with picas than inches but at least nowadays with InDesign, she’s happy she doesn’t have to count lines and characters anymore.

Contact Us

We’re always happy to hear from people. Send us your questions, suggestions, or comments to bedazzledink@gmail.com.

Please drop a message to bedazzledink@gmail.com. for:

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Office hours:
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Bedazzled Ink Publishing, LLC is located in Fairfield, California.

“Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” — Maggie Smith