Author Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Bedazzled Ink. We’re taking a break to get caught up on all the submissions we’ve received. Thank you for your patience, we will get back to you very soon if you have sent a query or manuscript. We will be accepting queries again starting September 1, 2016. If you send a query before then, it won’t be reviewed until after that date.

We’re currently seeking literary fiction and nonfiction that celebrate the diverse voices of women.

Our main guideline for fiction is that the main protagonist must be female. The writing must engage the reader with a unique approach to storytelling and a distinctive authorial voice and style. We especially enjoy works that explore the lives of realistic yet fascinating women tackling universal themes and subjects on a human level or taking an amusing sometimes humorous stroll through our crazy world. History and different cultures intrigue us, as do contemporary stories that turn the common into uncommon literary treasures. If you’re a little maverick or fearless in your writing style, that’s all right with us.

We’re expanding our nonfiction to include books on feminism, history, nature and the environment, social issues, biographies of notable women, autobiography and memoir, archaeology and anthropology, multicultural issues, spiritual, literary criticism, and women’s and gender studies. All from a female perspective.

For shorter works, novellas, poetry collections, and short story collections please visit GusGus Press.

If you have a book that might fit Bedazzled Ink, please fill out the form below.

We allow simultaneous queries, but please do not query if the full manuscript has been sent to other publishers. If you get a manuscript request after you’ve submitted the query, please let us know using our Contact Form. We’ll put your query aside to give that publisher a chance to review the manuscript and make a decision. Please let us know if you sign with the other publisher or want us to continue to review your query.

Please note: We’re getting too many summaries and back cover blurbs aimed at the reader. We don’t want a summary, we want a brief synopsis. We need to know the whole story and the ending so we can decide if we want to see the complete manuscript or not. We’re also getting too many submissions with males as the primary protagonist.

We are currently filling our 2017 schedule. Due to the number of submissions we’re receiving, we’ve had to extend our reporting time to six weeks.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your work.

If you need to contact us about a submission you’ve made, please use the Contact Us form on our About page.