C. A. Casey

caseyhorse “I write because I love creating things that didn’t exist just a second ago.” — C.A. Casey
C.A. Casey lives in Northern California. She’s been a musician and a librarian and is currently an editor for a publishing company. She loves basketball and other team sports and haunts games with her camera. During the summer of 2006 and 2007 she covered the Sacramento Monarchs for SportsPageMagazine. A dream come true for her. She has articles in library journals and in Strange Horizons, and stories in Aoife’s Kiss, The Lorelei Signal, Coyote Wild, Sorcerous Signal, The Fifth Di . . . and Beyond Centauri. Her cat, Meka, puts up with her as long as she gets to sleep on her lap.

C.A.’s Books

mandaladreams_sm Mandala Dreams
Rogue Books
dragondrool_sm Dragon Drool
Dragonfeather Books
topofthekey-bbp Top of the Key
Dragonfeather Books