C.D. Cain

C.D. Cain was born and raised in Louisiana. Although she misses her days floating down the bayou behind her home, she now lives happily in South Georgia. One day while taking a break from her nonfiction reading she discovered lesbian fiction and the dream of becoming a writer was reawakened. From that point forward, she couldn’t get the characters in her brain to quiet their chatter long enough for her to do anything other than give them life on paper. She aspires to write stories and characters that touch her readers in a way that reminds them of their own life experiences.When not working as a Physician Assistant and caring for patients with spinal disorders she’ll be somewhere outdoors simply relaxing on her porch or camping with her family. She shares her home with her partner, their son, two Yorkies, and a recently adopted Shepherd mix.

CD’s Books

 WhenItRaynes-bbp When It Raynes
Chambers of the Heart, Book 1
Bink Books
 ItPours_sm It Pours
Chambers of the Heart, Book 2
Bink Books
AftertheStorm-bbp After the Storm
Chambers of the Heart, Book 3
Bink Books
ComestheCalm-bbp Comes the Calm
Chambers of the Heart, Book 4
Bink Books

In the Media

C.D. Cain, Interview, by Mardi Alexander
C.D. Cain, Interview by AJ Adaire