Bernie DeCoke


Dr. Bernie DeCoke grew up in Colorado, where she obtained an MA in Psychology/Guidance & Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado. She became a college instructor and therapist, a warrior with a mission to help students and clients build a core of dignity and self-respect. Later, she merged the body, mind and spirit triad she believes necessary for total health with doctorates in Naturopathy and Metaphysics. Bernie perfectly compliments Diana’s voice and contributes much to interpreting Diana’s story.

Together Diana Wright and Bernie form a bond that reflects the hero attributes of keen intelligence, shrewd determination, astute courage, outstanding accomplishments and generous compassion. We can never read too many stories with the power to ignite our own inherent warrior, visionary, or hero. Currently the two live on a small ranch in Colorado, where they tackle a myriad of creative projects, including the building of a full-size covered wagon–just for fun.

Diana’s Books

TDDT.Final Front print.11-2018 Too Damn Dumb to Think