Amy S. Hansen


Amy S. Hansen loves mysteries. Much of the time she writes about real-life mysteries like where do the bugs go in the winter and how does a refrigerator work. But she also loves fictional mysteries, where she gets to set up the puzzle then let the reader try and figure it out. She has more than 25 books published, mostly for kids and mostly about science. Her other books include Bugs and Bugsicles, Insects in the Winter and Firebird, A Kirtland’s Warbler Story.

Amy has always enjoyed writing and would often have writing challenges with friends in grade school. After college she realized she could get paid to write and started work as a journalist. She worked on newspapers, radio and magazines before moving into children’s writing. She lives in Maryland with her husband and a dog. She has two grown sons who have moved out of the house, but are always welcome back. Find her at

Amy’s Books

hunt-temp-sm Hunt for the Tomato Killer