Debbie Ann Ice


Debbie Ann Ice was born, raised, tolerated on a sultry, green island on the coast of Georgia. She worked as a corporate banker in Atlanta and Charlotte, then moved to New York where she studied for her C.F.A. and worked as an bond rating analyst, then director at a large bond rating agency. She eventually ended up married in New England and began to study writing while managing her two very special sons and her canine daughters (English bulldogs). She has been an activist/advocate for not only those with special needs, but also those on the edge of life. Also, for dogs. Also, for birds. She has learned to love New England, the tough-as-nails women, the matter-of-fact way of facing life, the genuine strength of character, the ability to smile in fifteen degree weather.

Her stories have been published in numerous online and print publications, including Armchair Shotgun, Fence Magazine, Adirondack Review, elimae, among others. She has written a few novels, all set in either low country Georgia, New York, or New England. Most of her work is satirical, but not all.

Debbie Ann’s Books

 DeadFish_sm Dead Fish
 FindSam-sm Find Sam