Shelby Adams Lloyd

Shelby Adams Lloyd retired to Southport, North Carolina in 1999 with her husband, Donald. They has three children and six grandchildren. Their grandchildren are important to her and she will do anything in her power to keep them safe. Loving to read, she started writing at the age of 64. She has self-published one book and has three more manuscripts that she hopes to publish soon. Friends have asked her many times to write about her life growing up in an orphanage. She put other manuscripts aside to spend time working on her life. Shelby is active in her church and helps to cook for the members of Trinity United Methodist Church every week on Wonderful Wednesday. She enjoys cooking especially gourmet recipes she gets from The Food Network and Cook, Inc. You can find her at work most days at the computer where she is working on a new manuscript. If she isn’t at the computer or reading a book that one of her writer friends has written, she is crocheting more sweaters.