Diana Wright


Diana Wright Diana Wright is a visionary who views her life as a blank canvas meant to be rendered in audacious color. She was born in 1947 and grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota. Balancing full time work, part time school, parenting, and being a wife to a Vietnam veteran, after nine years she earned her degree in biological science at CSU Fullerton. She went on to engineer medical devices and later founded her own medical device manufacturing company. Diana worked with a heart surgeon in London, oversaw production facilities in Holland and coordinated with a world wide salesforce. She bravely shares a segment of her story here so that others might create their own portrait of vitality.

Together Diana and Bernie DeCoke form a bond that reflects the hero attributes of keen intelligence, shrewd determination, astute courage, outstanding accomplishments and generous compassion. We can never read too many stories with the power to ignite our own inherent warrior, visionary, or hero. Currently the two live on a small ranch in Colorado, where they tackle a myriad of creative projects, including the building of a full-size covered wagon–just for fun.

Diana’s Books

TDDT.Final Front Cover.to print.11-2018 Too Damn Dumb to Think