Laurie Salzler


Laurie Salzler holds a degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Outdoor Recreation. She has worked with animals (wild and domesticated) her entire life, including several years spent in the veterinary field and equine industry at training and breeding facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast, whose activities include horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, bird-watching, photography, and one of her favourite pastimes, walking with her pack of canines. As a member of WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service), she is involved in rescuing and rehabilitating native Australian wildlife in New South Wales.

In addition to a book of photography, Eye of the Beholder, she has penned five books: A Kiss Before Dawn, Right Out of Nowhere, Positive Lightning, In the Stillness of Dawn (the sequel to A Kiss Before Dawn), and After A Time. Under the name of Laurie Eichler, she co-wrote with Mardi Alexander, To Be Determined, published by Bold Strokes Books. You can follow her on Facebook or on her website.

Laurie’s Books

PositiveLightning-bbp Positive Lightning
IntheStillnessofDawn-bbp In the Stillness of Dawn
AKissBeforeDawn-bbp A Kiss Before Dawn
EyeoftheBeholder-bbp Eye of the Beholder
Bink Books
RightOutofNowhere_sm Right Out of Nowhere
afteratime_sm After A Time
Bink Books YA
Cagneycover-sm The Day Cagney Lost Her Wag
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