Marilyn K. Simon

Marilyn K. Simon married her childhood sweetheart, Ron, over 40 years ago, and they have 2 grown (and recently engaged) sons who are the pride and joy of their lives. Ron and Marilyn have dual residencies in California and Northern Baja, Mexico. Marilyn started her teaching career as a high school mathematics educator in the inner-city of Chicago. She has been honored to receive outstanding faculty awards at several universities. Marilyn was a mathematics education ambassador to South Africa in 2000, and is the proud president of the board of directors of The Responsibility Project, which builds schools and hospitals for children who live in the Tijuana Municipal Dump. She was a visiting professor in Tonga where, with 5 other professors, she conducted a leadership training seminar for Tongan youth. Marilyn has published several books on mathematics education, scholarly research, chaos theory, high stakes test-preparation, and online learning. She spends the majority of her waking hours online and, being a prior, actively seeks to connect with people that have impacted her life. This is her first “non-scholarly book.”

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