Terias McKlay


Born in Montreal, Quebec and having had her fill of infant poutine, Terias moved to various locations in Alberta where she tipped cows, joined the army, and learned to drink beer. In an attempt at higher education, Terias headed back east to Toronto, Ontario to attain her bachelor’s degree in Sociology Honours. When working a research job didn’t produce the expected results of creating a league of super villains, Terias moved on to more physical ventures. She currently holds a personal training certificate and spends her days moulding her clients to be her personal super soldiers.

Enjoying the adventures in her mind more than attending class, Terias caught the writing bug in high school and never seemed to shake that monkey from her back. After a few failed starts, she’s now ready to unleash her first novel, ‘Guardian: The Surrender’, on an unsuspecting world. Terias’ non-writing time is divided between playing rugby for the Yeomen Lions, playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, or regenerating in her sleep pod.

The Surrender