A Nurse, Vigilante, Rabbit, Poet, Lobster, and Dog Walk Into a Bar

. . . and wonder why they haven’t partied together before. Then they decide to take over the pool tables and are politely asked never to return to that establishment again . . .

Fortunately, they’ve found another place to hang out, where they’re not only welcome but where they can talk and play and drink and eat and keep themselves entertained . . . In other words, they’ve found that perfect home away from home.

So step inside Binkie’s Bar and join in.

The nurse looks like she’s out of a 40s pulp fiction novel but thinks like a modern 21st century gal. June Magee is on assignment with boi photographer Roi Rodgers at Rehoboth Beach. Join in the fun and swig a couple of drinks with Fay Jacobs in June Magee, R.N., Festival Nurse by that trio of crazy kids–Ann McMan, Salem West, and Barrett.

FestivalNurse-bbp surrender-bbp

The vigilante, Mariska Cooper, has a lot on her plate–going to college, working as a waiter, and donning a mask and superhero togs to save Toronto from bad guys and a nefarious crime boss in The Surrender by Terias McKlay. The one thing she doesn’t count on is losing her heart to Alana Pierce, a successful but mysterious businesswoman.

The rabbit, Floyd, gets to hop around in a crazy dystopia and probably wonders who drank the end-of-the-world bottle of champagne and why love and survival take on a whole new meaning for Casey Prentice after she meets the super genius Pax of the Anastasian League in Rabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny Lawrence.

rabbits-bpp InMyNeighborhood-bbp

 The poet creates a verbal mixed media of her Italian heritage, her feminism, lesbianism, and political activism in her lyrical, humorous, and provocative poems and prose in In My Neighborhood by Giovanna Capone.

The lobster is the symbol of Meghan Blaney’s proud family tradition in Blowback by Bev Prescott. She discovers that hard work, loyalty, and sacrifice may not be enough to keep her world from crumbling and her loved ones safe from harm, and that everyone’s best intentions aren’t always enough.

blowback-bbp PositiveLightning-bbp

The dog, Juneau, is just a youngster and is excited because Kate Winter is training her to be a service dog for Faith Hutchins and the sparks that fly between Kate and Faith light up their world of dogs, horses, and the great outdoors in Positive Lightning by Laurie Salzler.

So lift a glass and enjoy this unique company of companions. Don’t worry about overindulging. Our books are so intoxicating they come with their own designated drivers.