Change Is In the Air

Like most businesses, Bedazzled Ink has a mission statement and long term goals. One of these goals was to get a major national book distributor so we can reach as large a readership as possible for our books. The good news is, we succeeded in this goal and have signed with Independent Publishers Group (IPG). IPG is the original and second largest independent book distributor in the United States and accepts only 2% of the publishers who apply for distribution. So we’re thrilled that they selected us.

We’ve had a procedure in place for ten years that’s worked well for us, but for IPG to sell as many books as possible, we have to adapt to some of their procedures. So in a sense, we’re about to experience a sudden growth spurt and, like many publishers, need some upfront capital to see us through the initial transition. Luckily there are a few grants available for companies to compete for. Right now Chase Bank is giving away twenty $100,000 grants and any qualified company has a chance to apply for it. This grant will not only allow us to transition smoothly to IPG, it’ll allow us to take on more editors, proofreaders, office workers, etc. and to increase marketing and promotion of our books . . . not to mention publish more books!

So we tossed our feathered hat into the ring and spent three weeks carefully crafting answers to their questions and now we just need 250 votes by June 19th to go on to the next step. If we don’t get the votes, our application will not be considered. Now there are rules for voting. You can only vote once and any repeated votes will not count. Also we have be careful in how we ask for votes. We can’t offer any incentives or giveaways or do anything to solicit votes. We can pay for promotion via Facebook to let people know that we’re doing this and where to vote.

So, if you’ve already voted, thank you. If you shared our link, thank you a thousand times over. If you haven’t vote, it’s easy and you don’t have to fill anything in, just be logged onto Facebook and push a “Vote Now” button.

Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance and make sure you check out our latest books.

claudia-gusgusGusGus and Dazz are unhappy because they can’t vote