In the Spirit of Things

Serendipity is so much a part of Bedazzled Ink that it’s a part of our business plan. So we weren’t surprised to discover that the two books we published in August both deal with the spiritual in some way.

The Empath by Jody Klaire is the first book in her Above and Beyond Series, a series about Aeron Lorelei, an empath, and her involvement with the mysterious CIG—Criminal Investigations Group. Aeron doesn’t come with an instruction manual, and she’s still learning the extent of what she calls her burdens. She’s fighting herself almost as much as she’s battling the serial killer who is stalking her hometown and the townspeople who think Aeron is behind the killings. To prove her innocence, Aeron is forced to use the gift she has spent her life hiding.


Spirit Home is Ruth Perkinson’s personal journey to find her spiritual path and, using a train as a metaphor, lays down a track that anyone can travel on to find their own spirituality. Don’t think for a minute that Spirit Home is a dry, preachy, new age-y inspirational tome. Ruth chats with us in a down-to-earth, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant but always entertaining way while leading us down a path of optimism and hope.


So, if you love terrific, exciting books, jump into The Above & Beyond Series  with The Empath.  If you want to be taken to a quiet, hopeful place, climb on board the metaphysical train and travel across the enlightened landscape of Spirit Home.