Introducing GusGus . . . Press

Since 2015 has been the year of change for Bedazzled Ink, I thought it would be the perfect time to indulge in a dream I’ve had since college. I’ve always loved books produced by small presses–chapbooks, poetry books, broadsides–many printed and bound by the publishers themselves with the quality ranging from saddle-stapled mimeograph pages with construction paper covers to exquisite volumes printed on small hand presses and sewn into cloth-bound covers–also hand made–and the thick rough paper softly feathered around untrimmed edges. These books are labors of love for publishers who are often non profit just to keep afloat. But these publishers are dedicated to collecting prose and poetry that is overlooked by a world that emphasizes a book’s worth by its commercial power.

There’s something basic and honest about work that’s selected for its beauty, its wildness, its uniqueness, its rebellion, its way of challenging, conquering, and constructing how we put words on paper. It’s a celebration of small literary forms.

Since Bedazzled Ink’s namesake, a horse named Infinitely Bedazzled, gave birth to Dazz’s Lil’ Gossip (GusGus) this year, I decided it only fitting to name a press devoted to small literary forms after Dazz’s offspring.

gusgustpGusGus Press will be the home of Bedazzled Ink’s books of poetry, anthologies, and short works of fiction and nonfiction prose. So visit the Author Guidelines to see what we’re looking for. As a part of our grand opening, we’re putting together an anthology for Halloween 2016 called Haunting Muses. Check out the Submission Guidelines for more information.

We’re excited to see where this little press takes us as we continue to grow and change as a publisher.

C.A. Casey