Small Business Saturday

While you’re patronizing your locally owned businesses on Small Business Saturday, don’t forget about those small businesses that don’t have a storefront. Like publishing companies.

Like all small businesses we’re constantly trying to get the attention of buyers, in our case, readers who have millions of books to choose from, so every sold book is like a hard won victory. And like most small businesses all of our income comes from the sale of our product and that’s supposed to cover all our expenses. But if that were true, there wouldn’t be small business grant contests, small business loans, crowdfunding, angel investors, or Shark Tank. Most small businesses can’t stay in business without getting outside funding at one time or another.

Small businesses often have small profit margins and publishing companies’ profit margins are notoriously slim. If any unexpected issue arises that requires costs beyond a company’s budget, the company needs to find extra funds to cover these costs. And, you know what? It’s amazing how often unexpected issues arise. Like life, running a business is filled with unpredictability.

Bedazzled Ink is proud to be a woman-owned business dedicated to publishing the written word by women, but pride doesn’t help our odds in getting a loan (only 29% of women-owned businesses get loans), win a small business grant contest (we received $1000 and a Canon printer out of all the contests we entered), and raise bunches of money through crowdfunding. We don’t have the latest cool gadget or a particularly compelling back story that blows up Kickstarter.

We’re just a publishing company with a mission that appeals to a small like-minded group of readers that, much to our delight, is growing, but will always remain relatively small. Our budget has also become slimmer through the years as ebooks sales has flattened, the price of printing increases, and the competition for readers gets harder in a market over flooded with books from self-publishers.

So, just as we have to keep up with the ever changing publishing industry, we have to keep up with the ways businesses raise money and create passive income so we can focus on our mission.

The most important way to support us is to buy our books.


In the spirit of Small Business Saturday, we’re supporting Laurel Book Store of Oakland, California that recently had to close its doors. Luan Strauss is a great supporter of local authors and did many author events. She’s now moved her bookstore to the web, so please consider buying our books through her site to make her new online venture a success. Go to Laurel Book Store and start shopping!

If you want to support your local independent bookstore, order through Indiebound by clicking on the graphic:

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If you enjoy our books and support our mission you can give us a monetary gift of any size through our Bink Book Angels Club. A gift of money would be particularly welcome at this time

You can also support us by buying our t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. at Bedazzled Ink T-Shirts and More.


You can also help support creative artists from all over the world at our Bedazzled Ink Mighty Feminist Shop. Each design is on t-shirts, sweatshirts, kids clothes, mugs, totes, notebooks, and pillows.

Thank you for supporting Bedazzled Ink Publishing and our great roster of authors and catalog of books. Let’s make 2019 an amazing year.