Winter Solstice Musing

It’s the shortest day of the year or the longest night–however you wish to look at it.

It’s the day where we experience and celebrate an extreme in nature. An extreme that is also the beginning of hope, that each day will now grow longer and let more light into our lives.

This year this natural balance has felt increasingly off kilter. Where the darker side of human nature is overshadowing the lighter side. But just as the darkness of greed, violence, and anger is infectious, so is the lightness of generosity, compassion, and calmness. Unfortunately, it seems to be harder for humans to spread light than to spread dark.

Divisions create divisiveness. The flat plane of the human race suddenly has sides as we mistake natural variations of a single species, a single race as different in less than desirable ways. Variation makes a species stronger, inbreeding makes it weaker, and we seem to be letting the weaker dictate how we’re to live our lives. Survival of the fittest is devolving. We’ve convinced the weak that they’re strong and we’ve convinced the strong that they have to prove they have the right to be human.

On this winter solstice, let’s all be strong and help nature along as she pushes a little more light into our lives each day. Let’s face down greed, violence, and anger with generosity, compassion, and calmness. Let’s show that strength comes from how well we can all get along and not by how well we can destroy each other.

There is no life without light.

We at Bedazzled Ink hope everyone is having a peaceful and joyful holiday season and will have a 2015 filled with glorious light.