The Amber Necklace

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 theambernecklace_lg The Betrayal Trilogy, Book 1

Alex Pyott


Bink Books
370 pp. ● 6×9
$18.95 (pb) ● $9.99 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-949290-02-8 (pb)

FICTION / Fantasy

Publication date: January 2019

About the Book

The once acclaimed British photojournalist Jade Platt is struggling with daily routine. She can’t escape nightmares that replay a marketplace bombing in Aleppo. Her past, along with her future, has become lost to her, until she meets the beautiful and eccentric Freya Rykkel, an elusive member of the Norwegian royal family. As the connection between the Jade and Freya deepens, events that were set in motion a millennium ago begin to unfold. Jade soon discovers there is much more at stake than just her heart.


“Author Alex Pyott weaves a wonderful tapestry reminiscent of Old Norse mythology interspersed with current events and issues, and contemporary romance into a complicated, tight story with interesting characters that are well drawn and well matched to the labyrinth of fantasy and reality that makes this novel a fresh offering of both.” — Rainbow Award judge