Dead Fish

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DeadFish_lg Debbie Ann Ice

Bink Books
272 pp. ● 6×9
$16.95 (pb) ● $8.99 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-949290-56-1 (pb)

FICTION / Political
FICTION / Satire
FICTION / Nature & the Environment
FICTION / Humorous / General
FICTION / Animals

Publication date: April 22, 2021

About the Book

It’s the year 20-something—a changed yet still complacent America—and Lorraine Mulderon is mad. She’s mad that dying fish litter the shores of her small Connecticut coastal town. She’s mad birds seem to be dying, possibly indirectly related to fish deaths. She’s still mad about a wave of crow deaths over a decade ago. But, mostly,  Lorraine is mad at the lack of madness.

She makes speeches. She phones lazy, and now corrupt, legislators. She is ignored. What has happened to passion? What has happened to our country? To her daughter’s consternation, Lorraine disappears during a protest march. Perhaps Lorraine’s favorite birds—blue jays—can fill in these blanks.

Actually, a bird’s eye view reveals certain truths too difficult for all of us immersed, anchored, and egocentric humans to understand. The blue jays know Lorraine’s is a story about our country’s greatest sin—the normalization of tragedy.


“Debbie Ann Ice achieves the impossible with this wildly compelling story about a woman obsessed with saving a collapsing world. Mixing politics and environmental activism, Ice creates a dark but all-too-believable future, managing to infuse it with hope and humor. It’s stunning!” — Ellen Meister, author of Love Sold Separately

“This is a smart and important and wonderfully funny book from the point of view of the daughter of a woman obsessed by the environmental disasters around her. It takes place sometime in the future but I hope all young people read it right now while there’s still time to grow up and do something about it. And on the way, hand the book to your mother and tell her to get busy saving the planet for you.” — Barbara Milton, award-winning author, environmental activist, former Director of Connecticut Audubon in Milford