Emma and Starfire

emmaandstarfire-lg Lauren Marie
Jenna Leigh, illustrations
Dragonfeather Books

32 pp. ● 8.5×11
$13.95 (pb) ●
ISBN 978-1-945805-84-4 (pb)

JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Horses
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Bullying

publication date: February 2019

About the Book

Emma is a girl with one dream: to have a horse of her own. Her dream seems out of reach, and she only has an unwilling cow to ride. At school, Jane, who rides racehorses, bullies Emma about not being worthy enough to ride a horse.

That night, Emma gazes at the sky and wonders why Jane is so mean. A white light streaks across the sky. The magical Duchess of the Stars appears and entrusts Emma with Starfire, a buckskin colt–the offspring of the Star Horses who rule the stars and the sun. With Starfire by her side, Emma gains the confidence to stand up to her bully.