Florissant_lg P.H.C. Marchesi

Dragonfeather Books
pp. ●
(pb) ● (eb)
ISBN (pb)

Young Adult Fiction – Fantasy

Publication date: October 2020

About the Book

Fifteen-year-old Wynd discovers that she and her younger sister, Sylvia, are fairies. They escape the foster care system in Georgia and find their way to Florissant Academy, a boarding school for orphaned fairy children located in what’s left of an old, enchanted forest. Their lives change drastically once they meet Tania Greenwood, the founder and headmistress of the school – who is in fact none other than Titania from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As Wynd begins to adapt to her new life, she encounters a host of other quirky fairies, as well as the ex-king of fairies himself, Oberon, whose relationship with Tania is as stormy as ever.

Wynd finds out that names indicate the type of fairies they are: Wynd is (predictably) a wind fairy, and Sylva is a tree fairy and that wind fairies turn into wind sometime after their fifteenth birthday. She also discovers that their mother was an alchemy fairy who was mysteriously murdered years before, and that the forest itself is in danger from the sinister Mr. Gunther Welt, who is in fact the King of the Underworld and archenemy of fairies, and plans to destroy what’s left of Florissant. It’ll take Tania and Oberon working together, an unforgettable performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Wynd facing her fears and embracing who she truly is, to save the forest and the fairy realm.