Ghosters 2: Revenge of the Library Ghost

ghosters2-temp-lg Diana Corbitt

Dragonfeather Books
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Publication Date: October 2018

About the Book

“Dawg, there is definitely something weird going on in this library.”
Elbie is right. But I can’t tell if it’s the air-conditioning making the little hairs on my arms stand up, or a ghost.

It’s been a year since Theresa and her English friend, Kerry, won the Ghosters contest. Now her little brother, Joey, has stumbled on a mystery in the school library. Blasts of cold air, lights that flicker, and books flying off the shelves start Joey and his friend, Elbie, searching for the reason.

Elbie lives above his family’s mortuary and is very comfortable around the ghosts that troop through its halls. He’s a prankster and doesn’t mind Joey’s Asperger’s behaviors. When the boys discover a ghost holding Joey’s bug book hostage, they team up with Theresa and Kerry to decode the ghostly messages found in the titles of the books thrown by the library ghost.