Gun Street Girl

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gsg_lg Barb Lien and Ryan Howe
Volume 1

Bink Books
152 pp. ● 7.5×9.25
$11.95 (pb) ● $7.95 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-939562-28-9 (pb)
● 978-1-939562-29-6 (eb)

FICTION – Fantasy – General
FICTION – Lesbian

About the Book

Tough girl Liz Pendragon is the bodyguard and muscle for magician and supernatural investigator Eddie Caution. Liz loves magic as much as she loves her girlfriend, Prana. She has the best of all worlds protecting London from ghosts, monsters, and supernatural evils while creating a new kind of family for herself. Now all she has to do is to stay out of trouble and deal with the ghosts from her own past.


“Our current rave [for digital graphic novels] has to be Gun Street Girl . . . Sassy, smart, and socially subversive . . .” –Diane Anderson-Minshall, Curve Magazine


“Creepy and cool.GSG fills a much-needed niche in the current world of comics.It features a strong young woman, bucking conventional wisdom and performing what is traditionally only a man’s job: Hired gun. . . . She does the job well, without showing her cleavage every third panel . . .” –Jane Irwin, creator of the graphic novel series Vogelein


“Packed with sly socio-political observations, designed to subvert all reader expectations, and by turns savvy, sexy, and delightfully strange, Gun Street Girl does more than inject a badly needed dose of fresh blood into the sadly anemic action-adventure genre . . . If you haven’t been reading Gun Street Girl, you’re simply missing out . . .” — Bill Baker, comics journalist and reviewer