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IndelibleLink-lg Juni Fisher

Bink Books
pp. ●
$ (pb) ● $ (eb)
ISBN (pb)

FICTION / General

Publication date: 2022

About the Book

Pull back the canvas circus tent flap, Step inside. The music begins, and the spotlight glimmers until—

Trapeze flyer Tattooed Matilda falls through the air and lands horribly injured, grasping at memories of her troubled childhood and life in circus. Outside her circus family, Matilda remembers one true friend: Lucky Eddie.

Eddie was the sardonic, war-scarred, tattoo artist with a monkey called heroin on his back who bestowed her first tattoo when she was fifteen, before she’d joined a traveling circus. Their seemingly strange friendship endures Eddie’s battle with addiction and Matilda’s constant craving for more tattoos and the spotlight and remains constant as they survive what life hurls at them.

But when Matilda’s young son is killed in circus ring accident, she drops into a downward spiral that bright lights and a new tattoo can’t mask, and a jealous rival targets the spiritually wounded star flyer’s career.

Better get some popcorn. Indelible Ink is about to take you on a high-flying wild ride.