A Perfect Life and Other Stories

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APerfectLife_lg Elaine Burnes

GusGus Press
178 pp. ● 4.5×7
$9.95 (pb) ● $4.95 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-943837-36-6 (pb)
● 978-1-943837-37-3 (eb)

FICTION – Short Stories
FICTION – Lesbian
Publication date: September 1, 2016

About the Book

Call it happily ever after or a perfect life, it’s a universal destination we all hope to reach. Lily plays out the anxieties of her freshman year while standing in line. Lin, wanting only to be left alone, watches a stranger waiting on her porch. Denny flies tourists around an Alaska mountain, hoping to forget, while Alice embarks on an adventure to remember. Tate and Emily, friends since childhood, team up to play out the pirate games of their youth, only this time it’s not a game. From North America’s highest mountain to that quirky town at the end of the hook of Cape Cod and well past the stars beyond, Burnes explores the hopes and fears that drive us all. With eight previously published stories, and the all new “Auto Repair,” A Perfect Life and Other Stories is the first collection by the author of Wishbone.

“A Perfect Life” — “A Certain Moon” — “Forget-Me-Not” — “Lily Gets a Flu Shot” — “The Game” — “The Gift” — “The Stranger” — “Tracy Arm” — “Auto Repair”


winner-sm Rainbow Awards Winner 2017 Best Lesbian Anthology/Collection