StarMark_lg StarMark
Katherine Hetzel

Dragonfeather Books
220 pp. ● 5×7.75
$13.95 (pb) ● $7.95 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-943837-02-1 (pb)
● 978-1-943837-03-8 (eb)


About the Book

After Irvana’s grandmother dies in their remote clifftop home, Irvana must travel to Koltarn. Alone in a strange city, Irvana finds employment at the palace, home of Lord Terenz, current overlord and bearer of the StarMark. Suddenly immersed in palace life, Irvana makes a friend in fellow-servant Rosann, and there is a spark between her and the lively Mikal, Terenz’s ward. But when Terenz discovers that Irvana has something he wants, her life is suddenly in danger.

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“The dialogue is snappy and well-observed, as are the passages of description, which never detract from the immediacy of the action; the cast of antagonists are even given their own space to develop a connection with the reader, and this helps younger minds consider the grey shades of morality, not just its contrasting tones. I look forward to reading more by Hetzel, and seeing her expand this specific universe still further, taking her developing fan base with her.”Review by Paul Taylor-McCartney, Everybody’s Reviewing