Tilda and the Bones of Kradlock

tilda3-temp-lg The Chronicles of Issraya, Book 3
Katherine Hetzel

Dragonfeather Books
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For ages 9 and up


Publication date: August 2021

About the Book

Tilda and the other mages of Ring Isle have a problem. What exactly did you do with dark power tainted silviron? It wasn’t a situation that any mage in the long line of Issrayan powermages had ever had to face before.

The mages decide to bury the small metal box in the turbulent waters of the Merjan Straits between the inner and outer seas of Merjan and Kradlock. Tilda accompanies Kamen, the aging Mage of Kradlock to fulfil the task and to help him decide his successor.

As Tilda soon discovers, the famous Hanging Rock, the city of cliffs full of cavern homes markets, the honeycomb tunnels full of bones, and the mortal remains of Kradlock’s powermages tests her abilities and her right to be called the Mage of Merjan.