We Came Alive in ’75

WeCameAlive_lg We Came Alive in ’75
Pat Deihl

Rogue Books
164 pp. ● 8.5×8.5
$16.95 (pb) ● $5.95 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-939562-50-0 (pb)
● 978-1-939562-51-7 (eb)


The touching, often humorous memoir of two loving soul mates who lived together for 36 years on this earth.  Mary Lee and Pat’s saga of spiritual growth and transformation continues even beyond Mary Lee’s untimely death in 2010, as she continues to interact remarkably from “the other side,” providing Pat with new hope, joy and eternal love.

Music played a very important part in Pat’s and Mary Lee’s lives. Here are three recordings that Pat treasures and wants to share with you.

“Tell Me Why” — Pat and Mary Lee sing a duet to each other.
“A Masterpiece” — A song written for Pat and Mary Lee by Larry Heral.
“There is None Like You” — A song that dedicated to Mary Lee from Pat.

You can order the CD with these three songs on it directly from Pat at wecamealive@comcast.net.

“What a pleasure and inspiration it is to read these pages…. You and Mary Lee are two such very special and heartwarming women and this lovely memoir conveys that in full measure…Best of luck to you with this marvelous (and inspiring) endeavor!”  Katherine V. Forrest, highly published and acclaimed author.

* * *

“This is such a lovely memoir and tribute to Mary Lee.  I am so pleased to see the progress you’re making and to watch this beautiful work developing… I encourage you to keep writing and complete this inspiring manuscript….many blessings to you on this exciting journey!”  Laurie Gray, award-winning author.

* * *

“This book is going to become something VERY SPECIAL to a lot of people, and help them and affirm them in their lives.”  Janet Blain

* * *

“I have been reading your excerpts over and over – it’s so beautiful!! Jacki Black

* * *

“I know you’re anxious to tell this beautiful story and share it with the world… Beautiful story – beautiful women.”  Connie Gorrell, creator of “Celebrating the Spirit of Women” Conferences

Early in our relationship, Mary Lee asked me, “How many times do you think we’ve kissed?” Without a moment’s hesitation, I responded, “Not enough!”


In January, 2010 at the end of the choir rehearsal in our home, it’s party time! My partner Mary Lee sings alto in both of the choirs that I direct, and she just had her 85th birthday, so we’re going to have a surprise celebration in her honor, complete with ice cream, a decorated cake with candles, singing, and lots of visiting and enjoying the company of one another (something this choir does, even when it’s not someone’s birthday.)

But wait! Her 85th birthday is January 15, and on January 9, it’s also our 35th anniversary—so the cake reflects both dates, with one lit candle for each five years. (Five years ago, when we actually did use 80 candles on one cake and 30 on the other, there were remarks of “Turn off the lights, we don’t need them!” and “Hurry, the frosting’s melting!” and “Where’s the nearest fire marshal?”)

We sang to her, and then the choir sang “Happy Anniversary” to both of us, as we joined in and sang to each other, then kissed. (We didn’t know until later that Matt, one of our choir members, had taken both pictures. We used them on the cover of a CD we made several months later.)