WEHT (WhatEverHappenedTo . . .?)

weht_lg WEHT (WhatEverHappenedTo . . .?)
Reconnecting in a Virtual World
Marilyn K. Simon
Kimberly D. Lowrey
Toni M. Williams

Rogue Books

214 pp. ● 5.06×7.81
$13.95 (pb) ● $7.95 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-934452-85-1 (pb)
● 978-1-934452-86-8 (eb)

Computers & Technology – Internet & Web Culture
Politics & Social Sciences – Sociology

“You have to know the past to understand the present.” — Carl Sagan

WEHT (What Ever Happened To . . . ?) is about priors—people who ponder about people who were once in their lives. As they approached milestone birthdays—forty, fifty, and sixty—the authors, self-described priors, discovered that their reflections about people from their pasts intensified.

They navigated the cyber world of search engines and social networking sites to find long lost friends and acquaintances who had been friends for a reason or for a season, and who had touched their lives in memorable ways. Along their cyber journeys, the authors encountered surprises and disappointments and inspirations to pursue new, exciting paths while gaining a profound understanding of the time and places of their past. Each renewed acquaintance became a gift that put into perspective the changes the authors had experienced from childhood to the present. But the greatest gift is knowing that the opportunity for self-discovery is just a click away when you ask, What Ever Happened To . . . ?