When It Hurts

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WhenItHurts-lg Inside a Pain Management Doctor’s Office

Sabrina Shue, MD
Linda Morrison Spear


Bink Books
pp. ● 6×9
$ (pb) ● $ (eb)
ISBN (pb)

MEDICAL / Pain Management
MEDICAL / Pharmacology

Publication date: February 2022

About the Book

To Cure Sometimes, To Relieve Often, And to Comfort Always.

When It Hurts concentrates on that moment in time when you need a doctor and the best help available to rid yourself of constant or intense pain.

In many cases, the answer is a pain management specialist. Those of us in the field concentrate on interventional pain management that determines what is wrong with you and how to provide pain management.

Suppose you’ve been diagnosed with Shingles. You arrive to your pain management specialist with a diagnosis, and we treat your problem, especially if the rash has disappeared but the pain has not. It’s us who are there to treat what is known as post-herpetic syndrome. This condition is a long-term problem and creates egregious symptoms that can be managed with treatments other than narcotics.

Sciatica is another source of major pain in the low back, hip, legs and even toes. PCPs will send you to us to treat the sharp, razor-like pain that so many people endure throughout their adult lives, if they have herniated discs in their lumbar spine.

I, and many others in the field, are certified to prescribe medical marijuana and offer this option to those who want to relieve pain in this manner. Many more will be in the future. This way, we can help those who need medical support with something they may not have yet discovered or tried.

A pain management specialist has expertise in cutting-edge spinal pain and joint pain non-surgical treatments. Once you have had a treatment called spinal cord stimulation which involves placing a device into the patient’s spine, sending electric current to the source of the pain, the result is that your brain feels a pleasant tingling sensation, rather than pain.

This book will give you the inside track to rid your body of so many types of pain. Read it for your comfort and satisfaction!