Call for Submissions

Our special focus for 2018 is New Adult (for readers 19-30 years) fiction. The book must have a female protagonist, must be multi-cultural, can be LBTQ (sorry no G). We’re looking for general fiction but will consider all genres except romance if they are unique in some way and aren’t formulaic. We prefer books that are quirky in both story and writing style. We also prefer books that have a lighter touch, even when tackling heavy universal scenes. No angst, no formulaic plots, just good honest storytelling. No stories where romance or romantic relationships are the main storyline. We want the kind of book your friends love to read and want tell everyone about.

Length: 40,000 to 80,000 words, unless it’s really, really great, then it can be longer.

Send the full manuscript to Please put the title of the book as the filename. Please put in the subject line: Submission: [Title of Book]. Include in the body of the email: A brief synopsis of the book and a brief bio.

We look forward to your submissions.