Friends of Bink

There are several ways you can become a Friend of Bink and help us continue to publish books with female protagonists written for everyone.

Our already thin profit margin keeps getting thinner–the cost of printing books has increased several times in the last few years. Things like Brexit and the tariffs with China have impacted the price of paper and ink and overseas full color printing. Baker & Taylor closing its retail division resulted in more returns than sales in the last few months of 2019. These are just a few of the storms publishers have to weather to keep on publishing books.

Selling books is an ebb and flow business anyway, so when extra unexpected expenses start to mess with that cadence, the money from book sales isn’t always there when it’s needed. Anyone who’s seen Shark Tank understands how availability of cash when it’s needed is the most important aspect of keeping a business running smoothly.

If you love our mission, our books, have a favorite Bink author, or just want to help fight male bias, you can:

And most of all, keep on buying and reading our books. Your support through the years has been amazing and we’re forever grateful to every reader and fan who has taken the time to let us know you love our mission and our books.