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Hindsight_lg Jody Klaire
The Above and Beyond Series, Book 4

Bink Books
344 pp. ● 5.5×8.5
$17.95 (pb) ● $9.99 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-943837-28-1 (pb)
● 978-1-943837-29-8 (eb)

FICTION – Thriller
FICTION – Mystery

Publication date: August 2016

About the Book

The lock is the key.

Escaping your past isn’t always easy.

Aeron Lorelei gets a vision that CIG General Ursula Frei has been captured and is seriously injured. With Commander Renee Black, Aeron starts searching with the only information she has: the memories of Frei’s past triggered when Aeron touches a certain padlock that shows the depth of the scars hidden inside Frei. Aeron and Renee retrace Frei’s footsteps on a journey that takes them through the hardship and heroism of Frei’s old life.

Dodging the Internal Affairs Team’s attempts to solve irregularities in their mission and with the foes from Frei’s former life closing in on them, Aeron and Renee need all their skills, faith, and cunning to find her as quickly as they can. As the flashbacks get more vivid and drain Aeron’s still dimmed burdens and strength, this mission could end up costing CIG the lives of their two top agents.


winner-sm Rainbow Awards Winner 2017 Best Lesbian Mystery/Thriller

“If you love fast paced action adventure, psychological thrillers, crime–any of the above, believe me, this series is pure heaven. It is already a classic mind-bending journey and I cannot wait for book 5, Noble Heart, to come and confound me all over again.” – Velvet Lounger, Review, Lesbian Reading Room


“This is part of a series, and the best of the series thus far. The writing is exceptional, the dialog purposeful, restrained, important.”
“Interesting read. Great plot and characters. All were well written and developed in depth. Haven’t read the other books in this series but I will bed after reading this one. This one I couldn’t put down.” — Rainbow Award judges


“Miss Locks . . . please.” Jessie shook her. Wild panic in her eyes.

Frei gasped for air. She gripped hold of her throat. Her heart hammered. “Jessie, run.”

Jessie shook her head and glanced at the door. Voices outside. “I can’t leave you.”

“Jessie, run. You can hide. If you do that, Aeron, Renee, they’ll be able to find you.” She tried unclasping Jessie’s hands from her arm but was too weak. The room dimmed around her. “Please . . . if you run, that gives me a chance, right?” Anything to get her to run. Anything so she didn’t get caught.

The voices grew louder. She wasn’t sure how many of them there were. To her, it sounded like they had surrounded the place. She scoured the rickety excuse for a boathouse, praying there was an escape route. She didn’t want Jessie trying to swim away, the water was deep, dark, swirling. She’d be easy to hit.

“The tracker says they’re in here.”

Frei fought the urge to shudder, fought the panic, the need to cry.

She knew that voice.


She gripped hold of Jessie, fought the tears, the terror, the need to curl up. “Please . . . run . . . you have to tell them. Find Aeron, Renee, tell them.” Her words slurred, her vision distorted.

The door groaned as whatever Jessie had piled against it buckled. The owner of the voice wouldn’t let a little thing like that slow them down. She shook Jessie, desperation flooding through every pore. “Run.”

Something flickered across Jessie’s eyes. She looked at the door and back to her then she set her jaw. “Yes, that way, they won’t find you.”

Frei shook her head. “No. Jessie . . . No—”

She tried to grab for Jessie, tried to beg but her throat closed. Jessie ducked away, ripped open the side door, and slammed it behind her.

Another familiar voice called out and she blinked back the tears. Jessie had their attention now and she couldn’t help her.

Frei slumped onto the dirty wooden planks. She willed her body to move but it only twitched. Her breathing shallow, sharp, rattling. She could only lie there and pray Jessie could run faster than her pursuers.