April Newsletter

Call for Submissions

Indivisible We Stand – Women’s Voices Raised in Protest is an anthology of tales from the front lines of the ongoing battle for equal rights for all women around the world. Raise your voice and send us your story to inspire other women today and in the future to take up the fight. And most importantly, to keep the truth alive.

New Releases



Dog Church by Gail Gilmore

(GusGus Press) Does saving a life always mean preserving it, or does it sometimes mean letting go? When Gail Gilmore’s beloved dog Chispa is diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, her first instinct is to fight for Chispa’s life; to do everything possible to bring the symptoms of this neurologically debilitating condition under control.


Where the Time Goes by Gale Walden

(GusGus Press) In Where The Time Goes Walden considers the yada, yada of romance, her mother’s beginning Alzheimers, the ghost of a dog digging up her bone. Things are ordinary until they aren’t–antique post office boxes are time travel machines, Jack-in-the-Box fast food machines talk back to people, and the end-of-the-world weather blows simulacrum through prairies and deserts. This poet takes you on a road trip under skies flirting with transgression.


Good People by E.J. Runyon

(GusGus Press) Bernie is a battered wife, escaping her husband Carlos for the summer. Meg is a writer and pre-op transsexual, dealing with father issues, and sharing her place with Baby, another woman on the edge. Relations come in all kinds of configurations–what we accept from some, what we must refuse from others, and how we recognize those who earn the right to be called family.



Dungeness by Karen Polinsky

Protagonist and narrator Millie Langlie (daughter of a S’Klallam maiden and a Norwegian mariner) is an adventurous girl with a curious mind. Journeying from the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Port Townsend and back again, Millie discovers how knowledge of the past can teach us to love, forgive, and forge a new path.


Ghosters by Diana Corbitt

When twelve-year-old Theresa Martinez’s mom dies, money problems force her family to move into her dead grandmother’s creepy old mansion. Immediately, strange things start to happen. The powdered sugar she’s been searching the kitchen for suddenly falls out of a cupboard. Closed curtains are mysteriously open—all fun stuff for Theresa’s new ghost-obsessed friend Kerry. They soon discover that ghosts are just tip of the stunning mysteries the old house holds.


The Lady Professor by Robert L. Switzer

Emma Hanson, a poor farm girl born in 1900, has exceptional scholastic ability and a deep fascination with the natural world. Despite fighting her way through poverty, her family’s indifference, and prejudices against women attaining an education, she attends college. Under the tutorage of the college’s only female professor, Emma conducts her first research with dung beetles and micro-organisms and knows she’s found her calling.


Always an Orphan by Shelby Adams Lloyd

“I was an orphan then, I am an orphan now, and I will always be an orphan.” Always an Orphan is a loving memoir of a unique childhood where family, to this day, are the orphans Shelby grew up with, and home is the orphanage she looks back upon with pride and love.

Bedazzled Ink in the News

andreasimon2 esfirisalive_lg

Andrea Simon’s Esfir Is Alive is a finalist for Foreword INDIES Book Award in the Young Adult Fiction category. The winners will be announced on June 24th.

Et cetera

Tina Sears enjoyed interacting with readers at a signing of The River’s Edge at the Barnes & Noble in Springfield, Virginia.


Tina also had a great time doing a book signing at the Red Dragon Brewery in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where you could purchase a beer and a book and get a free hot dog in an event called A Book, A Beer & A Bite!

RedDragon1 RedDragon2

Andrea Simon got to join a book club in Montclair, New Jersey for their discussion of Esfir Is Alive.

book club montclair

Katherine Hetzel was happy to see a display of StarMark in Waterstones in anticipation of her signing next week.


April Events


Ruth Rouff will be reading from Pagan Heaven (GusGus Press) her collection of poetry and short stories at the Barnes & Noble in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on April 8th as a part of the Local Author Meet & Greet from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.


Gale Renee Walden will be doing a reading from her latest book of poetry, Where the Time Goes (GusGus Press) at The Book Cellar in Chicago on April 8th at 6:00 p.m.


Join Bedazzled Ink at Books Inc. in Alameda, California on April 9th from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. for a special event featuring several contributors to the collection Dispatches from Lesbian America. Readers will include: Joan Annsfire, Terry Baum, Xequina Maria Berber, Giovanna Capone, Elana Dykewomon, Pippa Fleming, Lois Rita Helmbold, Bev Jo, Lenn Keller, Arielle Nye McKee, Francesca Roccaforte, Lilith Rogers, Barbara Ruth,and Cheela “Rome” Smith.


Metal Yaniv will be reading from and discussing Spectrum for an Untouchable (GusGus Press) as a part of a reading series at Days LA, 1709 N Kenmore Ave, Los Angeles, California on April 9th and on April 23rd from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.


Katherine Hetzel will be signing copies of StarMark (Dragonfeather Books) at Waterstones in Loughborough Market Place, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England on April 13th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..