Children’s Book Week

This is Children’s Book Week. Established in 1919, it’s the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country. For us, it’s the chance to show off our persistent girls for the middle grade reader. It’s also a reminder that the majority of children’s books have male protagonists, and we need many more persistent authors to make the number of books with female protagonists equal to those with male protagonists.

Our persistent girls are strong, full of purpose, and stop at nothing to reach their goals and potential.

Meet Addie, Dina, Mackenzie, and Skylar. They love sports and are determined to overcome any problem to be the best they can be to play their favorite team sport.

LiveLoveLacrosse_lg sideout_lg
basesloaded_lg topofthekey_lg

Meet Katia, Irvana, and Caidy, persistent girls with warrior spirits, who are quick on their feet, and have the cunning to solve any seemingly insurmountable obstacle that gets in the way of their goal.

Kingstone_lg StarMark_lg dragondrool_lg

Meet Theresa and Camila, who know the importance of knowledge and research to help them deal with the supernatural and the mythological.

Ghosters_lg TheMermaidGirl_lg

All of these books make great summer reading for the kid who loves sports, fantasy adventure, ghosts, mythological beings, and science . . . and girls who know how to get things done.