November Newsletter

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After a Time by Laurie Salzler
(Bink Books YA) In the late 1800’s, Mayme Watson boards a train bound for Eagle Rock, Idaho. What she finds there is the start of a new life.


Esfir Is Alive by Andrea Simon

(Bink Books) Esfir Manevich is a young Jewish girl who lives in the Polish town of Kobrin in 1936. Facing anti-Semitism in public school, Esfir moves in with her charming aunt who runs a boardinghouse in the bustling city of Brest. Being younger than the other boarders, Esfir struggles to find a place in her new life, all the while worrying about her diminishing role in the family she left behind.


Hindsight by Jody Klaire

(Bink Books) The lock is the key. General Ursula Frei goes missing and the Criminal Investigations Group is thrown into turmoil.


The Mermaid Girl by Xequina

(Dragonfeather Books) A series of big storms flood the sea town where Camila lives and she finds a tiny, newborn mermaid in a puddle of water.


Pagan Heaven by Ruth Rouff

(GusGus Press) In an unusual melding of narrative poetry and spot-on prose, Pagan Heaven offers a wry take on the absurdities of modern American life, all the while celebrating human uniqueness whenever, wherever, and however it’s found.


Spectrum for an Untouchable by Meital Yaniv

(GusGus Press) Spectrum for an Untouchable is an experimental book that aspires to explain Israel, and what it means to be Israeli, from an autobiographical standpoint.




Dispatches from Lesbian America

(Bink Books) A collection of more than forty works of short fiction and memoir from contemporary writers, some newly emerging and some well-known. Unique in recent lesbian anthologies, these thoughtful stories address themes meaningful to us in the modern world.


The Third Law by Jordan Falconer

(Mindancer Press) Newton’s Third Law – “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Another exciting tale from Jordan Falconer.

Bedazzled Ink in the News


Andrea Simon’s Esfir Is Alive has a review School Library Journal, Kirkus ReviewsBooklist, and in the YA Spotlight in the Winter 2017 issue of Foreword Reviews.


Bev Jafek’s The Sacred Beasts has a five star review in the Winter 2017 issue of Foreword Reviews.


Tina Sear’s The River’s Edge has a review on

Et cetera

The Book Club at Stamford High School (Stamford, Lincolnshire) enjoyed StarMark so much they designed their own coat of arms and sent Katherine Hetzel this picture of some bookmarks they made based on StarMark.

starmark-club starmarkbookmarks

Meital Yaniv called the launch party last weekend in Los Angeles for Spectrum for an Untouchable amazing. She had a great time and engaged in a very intriguing conversation with her audience.

spectrum-launch1 spectrum-launch2 spectrum-launch3


Chris Convissor signing The Urn Carrier at the Horizon Bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan.


Jo Knowles, author of Read Between the Lines (Candlewick), sent a picture of her dog admiring The River’s Edge to Tina Sears.


November Events

Four authors will be reading from Haunting Muses at Laurel Book Store in Oakland, California on November 12th at 7:00 p.m. The authors are Giovanna Capone, Xequina Berber, Jamie Sage Cotton, and Andrea Lambert.

Phyllis Carito will be reading from Worn Masks (GusGus Press) on November 29th, 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. at the Columbia-Greene Community College Library in Hudson, New York.