That Feeling of Proud

You’ve had that feeling–accomplishing something that means something to you. It can be little things like passing on that scrumptious looking dessert to reaching lifetime goals. Our Robyn Stevens of Bedazzled Ink’s grant video fame is reaching another proud moment in her life. At the end of June, she will be vying for a spot on the US Olympic team as a racewalker. As her former coach and mentor, I’m quite proud of her dedication and strong-willed focus on her dream goal. Regardless of the final results, no one can take away that feeling of proud.

I’m a Farmville2 addict and rather proud of that! I have a great farm and if you look closely enough, has stories weaving throughout it . . . animals in lush pastures, homes with yards for kids or patios for outside leisure, and barnyards with free-range critters. I once got up in the middle of the night because I forgot to leave a water trough in one of the animal sections. Lately though, I’m finding myself clicking on another page I’m quite proud of. The Bedazzled Ink Publishing website. I’m just amazed at all the books and new authors we have cultivated over the years. As Publisher, I read all the submissions. I’m learning so much about the world and situations . . . of stories that need to be told. I can feel the “proud” of the authors as they captivate me in their tales. And I’m proud that I can help share these stories to the world for others to take pleasure in and learn from.

Although GusGus Press is the dream child of my managing editor gal Casey, I’m proud that I had the opportunity to give birth to it. It has been flooded with submissions from folks whose stories and poems don’t fit easily in the traditional publishing world. You can just feel the “this is my story and I’m proud to be me” throughout their work. This press has found a niche that I am very proud of.

Proud doesn’t have a size. It can be small accomplishments in daily living to life-changing actions. Proud doesn’t have a deadline. From first baby steps to the first earned wage to first day of retirement, you can be proud of yourself or for others during a lifetime. By publishing good books, I know for myself, nothing can beat that feeling of proud.