Squidge’s Guide to Super Stories

squidges-temp-lg (and Becoming a Better Writer)

Katherine Hetzel

Dragonfeather Books
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For ages 9 and up

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Language Arts / Composition & Creative Writing

Publication date: June 2021

About the Book

Everyone is a storyteller. Really. They are.

Think about it. We tell stories whenever we describe what we did at the weekend. What our favourite present was on our last birthday. Where we went on holiday last year . . . These are stories about ourselves and our lives, and are more often than not, real.

It’s easy to tell a story. But it’s not always easy to write one, and that’s why this book exists. Squidge’s Guide to Super Stories will help you to capture your story ideas, fill them out, and then polish them up to be the best you can possibly make them.